Permission Granted

8 weeks of full permission to live a wholehearted life for God.


Week 1: Never stop praying

Andy Byrd wasn't thinking about prayer like everyone else. A simple idea transformed the way he connected with God. Hear about his morning routine and how he connects with Jesus throughout the day.


Week 2: Preach the gospel

Jeff Reid was transformed when he heard the worst Gospel presentation of his life. Learn how to share Jesus everyday and the ideas that make it simple and fun.


Week 3: Break the mold

Blake Casteel doesn't want to get coffee with you. He didn't fit the normal "church-on-Sunday" box. But God gave him a passion that he is using to reach the lost and send young men and women into the nations.


Week 4: Always Go Low

Johnny Gillespie loves to clean toilets. It started as an unusual way to connect with Jesus but it has shaped him as a husband, father, business owner and ministry leader.



Shannon Casteel loves community because it saved her marriage. Our strength is directly tied to the relationships we are connected with. Watch Shannon take the complexity out of building community.


Week 6: Devour The Bible

Andy Byrd didn't love the Bible growing up. It was a radical encounter with Jesus when he was 18 that changed his life and the way he read the Bible. Learn the paradigm shifts that brought the stories to life.


Week 7: Go to the Nations

Iza had a great life, a normal life...then God called her to the nations. She couldn't imagined the adventure she was embarking on. Six years later, with no regrets, she's more in love with Jesus than ever before.

Field Notes with Alan Hsu

After college, Alan decided it was time to spend a couple months in the Himalayas.


Week 8: Friendship With Jesus

Rebecca Hedger was spending six hours in the prayer room everyday. She quickly realized, without friendship with Jesus, the time moved by really slow. Here are the ideas that changed everything.