you Have permission to be the wild one.

You are created as a wild-eyed follower of Jesus . . . 

Are you settling for less?

The world tells you to "follow you heart", tone down your passion, and not love God (or others) too much. 

Jesus tells you to die to yourself, shout the Good News to the corners of the earth, and love God and people with your whole heart.

We have news for you. . .

Permission has been is granted to pray your guts out, preach the Gospel, help the sick, go to the nations.

The question is . . . what are you gonna do it with?

PERMISSION GRANTED is 8 week online course designed to shift paradigms and empower you with practical skills to walk out the Gospel in power along side your closest friends.

Together we will cover topics including

  • Praying your guts out
  • Community Living
  • Living Whole-Heartedly Jesus
  • Radical Servant Hood
  • Being the Wild One
  • Fall in Love with the Bible
  • Sharing the Gospel
  • Going to the Nations

Not only will you learn essential paradigm shift that will take your community to the next level. 

You will learn from history how simple men and women have transformed society through these simple gospel truths and how to walk them out in your community immediately.

Oh . . . and it is free. 

Sign up . . . and tell all your friends. Trust us–you won't want to do this alone.

P.s. Sign up, the next round of Permission Granted will be launching in a few months.