“Something fresh is happening and there are emerging ministries that I’m excited to endorse. Fire and Fragrance and The Circuit Rider have proven to be ministries of integrity. Such leaders as Andy Byrd and his peers, carry a huge vision yet are sensitive to the Holy Spirit of God in the small things and carry a ministry most of all marked by love.”

John Dawson
Youth With A Mission



“I am proud to commend Andy Byrd as a man firstly devoted to Jesus and the ways of God. His genuine friendship and intimacy with the Lord fuels his passionate pursuit for the integration of prayer and gospel proclamation. He demonstrates an excellence in leadership as shown in the birth and strong development of the Fire & Fragrance Ministry and the Circuit Riders movement, both found within Youth With A Mission. Through these ministries, Andy has trained hundreds of short and long-term missionaries who carry vision for Christ-centered, missional communities to nations all over the earth. Andy’s strengths as a visionary and communicator of God’s heart for revival, and his devotion to godly character create a dynamic foundation for quality leadership. I highly recommend Andy as a faithful servant whose work is advancing the kingdom of God.”

Mike Bickle
Director International House of Prayer


If you are like me, you love to see new initiatives coming out of prayer. You wait to hear new voices calling a new generation to live radically for Jesus and like Him. That is why I am so grateful to be able to walk closely with Andy Byrd and those he is leading in this hour.The Fire and Fragrance initiatives bring fresh zeal to a young generation. Andy has picked up the torch of a prophetic flow that is bringing fresh zeal to a generation. Wisdom is flowing from one generation to another, as the young are being challenged to believe for the new things God wanting to release in our day.I see radical disciples being raised up by Andy and his leaders. They have an upward focus, wanting to honor God’s desires. Ordinary people are being changed from living for themselves, toward living for God’s dream in our day. Men and women are being nurtured in community to carry Kingdom impact outwards towards arenas where it is most needed. My own life is impacted toward greater hunger for the fullness that is in Christ by walking with Andy and those who are being raised up by initiatives such as the Schools of the Circuit Rider. What I have hungered for I am now seeing before my own eyes. Like David, who danced as he brought the ark back to Jerusalem, I rejoice to see a generation not satisfied to know the ark is nearby; they want it back in a central place, whatever the cost.

Jim Orred



“I am a close friend and full supporter of Fire & Fragrance a ministry of Youth With A Mission. Fire & Fragrance has a commendable vision to train and release an army of Jesus-lovers who live the first commandment and walk in authority and power in the second commandment. I would encourage students to attend the Fire & Fragrance schools to cultivate a life centered around the Presence of God and to become carriers of revival and reformation to the nations. What is happening with this ministry is good for the kingdom of God and ultimately preparing the earth for Christ’s return.”

Mike Bickle
Director International House of Prayer



“In 30 years of ministry I have found Fire and Fragrance, a fresh wind in YWAM, to be one of the most fruitful fields I’ve ever sown in. Andy Byrd, Sean Fuecht, Brian Brent and friends, have received me as a father, and are lighting 2 great torches together in the earth, the torch of prayer and fasting with the torch of mission and GO! The arrow of evangelism is being shot from the fully bent bow of fiery prayer furnaces. Can you imagine it! Every place where YWAM is proclaiming the gospel across the earth,  prayer furnaces of continuous worship arises to heaven. These are the new moravian lamp stands. They are the welcoming party of the Lord Jesus Christ heralding the Lord’s coming in revival and in His coming again. I love these guys!”

Lou Engle
Founder- TheCall



“Fire and fragrance is one of the purest ministries I have seen, their love for the Father, there passion for Jesus and their openness to the Holy Spirit is absolutely beautiful. I highly recommend this ministry without reservation to anyone wanting to carry the glory of the Lord, on earth as it is in heaven. Fire and fragrance rocks”

Heidi Baker
PhD, Funding Director Iris global



“As part of the original dream team of this ministry, I am excited to be a part of endorsing Fire and Fragrance Ministries. In 2008, I had the honor of praying into the birthing of this movement with Andy Byrd in Amsterdam. From that time Burn 24-7 and Fire and Fragrance have intentionally partnered to see worship and prayer furnaces ignited around the world! Fire and Fragrance is providing vital training to our Burn 24-7 tribe as well as the growing movement of worship, prayer and gospel proclamation.”

Sean Feucht
Founder and director of Burn 24-7



“My friend Andy Byrd is an emerging young apostle of missions and prayer. His life is being used by God to catalyze a new move of missionary revivalists who are going to the hardest darkest places of the earth saying, ‘May the Lamb who was slain receive His reward.’ It is with joy that I recommend him to you!”

Rick Pino
Fire Rain Ministries



“Im a big fan of YWAM’s Fire and Fragrance school because of the way it mobilises radical young disciples to truly know God through worship, and to make him known through mission. It’s leader, Andy Byrd is an amazing guy who blends intelligence with passion, humanity and courage.”

Pete Greig
24-7 Prayer & Alpha International