YWAM Kona Staff Application Guide

All Fire & Fragrance staff are a part of YWAM Kona and must apply through YWAMKona.org.

DTS Staff: Please follow steps 1–5.

FF Ministry Staff: Please follow steps 2–5.


1. Let your school leader know you want to staff

2. Complete your YWAM Kona staff application


3. Start raising monthly support

Set a goal to raise $2,000 in monthly support.

This may take awhile so set your first benchmark at $800/month before arriving in Kona.

Learn how to raise support here: www.raiseyoursupportwithconfidence.com


4. Set up a missions account with YWAM Kona

A missions account allows you to raise money through the YWAM campus.

It enables your donors to get a tax deduction for all donations.


5. Purchase a flight for arrival day

Ask your school leader for the date of arrival day.